Documents required for payment of annual fees, term prolongation for annual fees payment and patent reinstatement

In order to sustain the patent’s legal power through the payment of official annuity fees the Power of Attorney in simplified written form is required (legalization, postulation or notary public verification is not required). 

The document which confirms the payment of official annuity fees

The payment of annuity fee shall be done prior to patent term expiration. The grace period, when annuity fee can be paid compromises 6 and 12 months from the date of expiration of patent validity (6 months for the industrial design patent and 12 months for the patent on invention), which subjected to additional fee payment.

Patent reinstatement can be done in a period of 3 years from the date of stoppage of its validity as a result of nonpayment of annuity fees, subjected to additional fee payment.

Note: According to the Law of Turkmenistan about inventions and industrial designs the term of patent validity start counting from the date of its application filing.

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