Structure of documentation for registration of assignment deed in respect to trademarks


-     Power of Attorney in simple written format (legalisation, postulation or notary public certification is not required)

-     The document which confirms the payment of official fees

-     Notary public attested assignment deed signed by assignor and assignee or

-     Notary public certified Statement / Declaration (Merger), or

-     Notary public verified Certificate of Assignment (Merger), or in case of urgency

-     Notary public verified document about trademarks assignment (in any free format), which contains all necessary information about assignor and assignee.

-     Verified by seals and signatures the list of trademarks that get transferred to from assignor to assignee (if such information is provided in assignment deed, the necessity in this document is abandoned)


The legalization of mentioned documents by Hague Appostille or Consulate is not need.


Total time from filing petition till registration of the trademark assignment or certificate in the State Register of Turkmenistan takes no more than 3 months. 

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