For the period of independence of Turkmenistan it  has been created the national patent system which provides a legal protection to objects of the industrial property on the basis of issuing a patent, provisional patent and also certificates for trademarks and service marks.

Legislative base for protection of the intellectual property in Turkmenistan is: the Law of Turkmenistan about inventions and industrial designs (entered in force since November 14, 2008), the Law of Turkmenistan about trademarks, service marks and names of places of an origin of the goods (entered in force since November 15, 2008г.), 

Nowadays, it could be seen a presence of counterfeit, ‘fake’ goods (which sold together with original ones) as on Turkmenistan market as on the markets of CIS countries. It’s, in particular; confectionery, knitwear, clothes, footwear, a radio engineering, audio of video technics {technical equipment}, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, dry goods, chemical products and many other things.