Structure of documentation for claiming patent for industrial design

The documents required for filing in the Design Applications: 

  1. Drawings

Drawings (images) must be provided in one copy. The Drawings must be executed in a way suitable for good quality reproduction. Hatching and dashed lines are permitted to be used in drawings.

  1. Notary public certified copy of the first application is required in order to confirm the conventional priority. The conventional priority document can also be certified by a patent office. In this case the notary public verification is not needed. Design patent application with conventional priority shall be filed in to Turkmenpatent not later than in period of 6 months from the filing date of the first design application. Pls. note that the conventional document shall be presented to Turkmenpatent within 3 months from the filing date of Design application.
  2. Assignment Deed (if any) shall be notary public certified (legalization is not required).
  3. Following additional documents are required for filing design Patent application:
  4. a) Complete set of photos in 4 copies, if they are necessary for clearer understanding of the essence of a design application
  5. b) The ergonomic circuit, assembly card in 4 copies if they are necessary for better presentation of the essence of design application.
  6. c) The Document which confirms the payment of application’s official filing fee. Such document shall be presented to Turkmenpatent together with application at the time of application’s filing.
  7. d) Power of attorney in simple written form in 1 copy (legalization or notary public verification is not required).
  8. e) Optional: In order to speed up the application’s examination process and reduce the official fee for holding the expertise it is recommended to provide a copy of positive decision about patent issuing or a copy of parallel patent given for requested design by one of Patent offices of following countries: Australia, Austria, China, Spain, EPO, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Finland and USA.   

In accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan About the Legal Protection of Industrial Designs (2017), an applicant can only obtain a patent with a validity period of 15 years. A limited patent for an industrial design with validity period for 10 years has been abolished by this Law.

Term of the issuing of Turkmenistan patent for industrial design to the applicant can vary from 8-12 months (the limited patent) till 1-3 years (the patent with validity of 15 years). The acceleration of process of patent issuing is dependable on priority claiming.

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