Documents required for payment of annual fees, term prolongation for annual fees payment and patent reinstatement for inventions

A power of attorney is not required to maintain patents for an invention by paying annual fees. Payment of annual fees is made on an annual basis and can be made based on the instructions from the owner of a patent or his proxy (authorized person). A document confirming payment of the official fee is also required.

Payment of the annual fee must be made before the beginning of the new year of the patent. The grace period during which the annual fee can be paid is 6 months from the date of expiry of the payment period for maintaining a patent in force for the next year of validity, subject to payment of an additional fee.

The restoration of the validity period of a patent can be made within three years from the date of its termination due to non-payment of annual fees, subject to payment of the established fee.

Note: According to the Law of Turkmenistan about inventions and industrial designs the term of patent validity start counting from the date of its application filing.

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