Documents required for registration of assignment deed for use a patent

Powers of Attorney from Assignor and Assignee (legalization or notary public verification is not required)

The document which confirms the payment of the official fee  

Notary public certified Assignment deed, or

Notary public certified statement about assignment of a right on patent, or

Notary public verified Certificate of Assignment, or

Notary public certified document about Assignment of a right (in any free format) which contains all necessary information in regards to participating parties (assignor and assignee)

Verified by seals and signatures of participants the list of transferred patents, if more than one patent gets transferred (if such information is provided in assignment deed, the list of transferred patents is not required)

The legalization and postulation of above mentioned document is not required

The total time from filing the petition till registration of assignment deed takes no longer than 1 month.  

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