Documents required for registration of license agreement for provision of legal rights to use a patent

Following documents are required for registration of licensed agreement:

Powers of Attorney from the licensor and licensee (legalization, postulation or notary public verification is not required).

The document which confirms the payment of official fees 

Notary public certified copy of license agreement (minimum 1 original license agreement is required, or its notarized copy) (legalization or postulation is not required)

Copy of patent (patents)

Verified by seals and signatures of licensor and licensee the list of patents, transferred by assignment deed from one party to another 

The total time from filing the petition till registration of license agreement about transfer of patent (patents) to licensee in State Register of Turkmenistan takes no longer than 1 month. 

Note: No any special requirements are required for the content of a licensed agreement to be registered in Turkmenistan. The content of the licensed agreement is defined solely by parties themselves. Any standard form of licensed agreement can be used. It is allowed to spread behind the limitations of the standard licensed agreement and introduce to it all arrangements which will be necessary for business relations between parties.  

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