Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Gennady G. GALIFANOV

Eurasian and Turkmenistan Patent and Trademark Attorney

Dr. Gennady Galifanov has higher agricultural and political education. He also has an academic title of senior research officer and Doctor Degree in agricultural science. Dr.Galifanov is author of more than 50 inventions and 175 articles which have been published in professional magazines and journals. Some of Dr. Galifanov’s inventions were brought into industries and production which leaded to positive economic effects. He is also a co-author of books named ‘Trademarks protectability’ (Moscow, 2014), ‘Trademarks protectability and protection’ (Moscow, 2018). Dr. Galifanov has practical and theoretical experience in tutoring and science work for more than 38 years (where over 30 years has been spent in field of intellectual property protection). He has studied in Central Institute of Professional Development of National Economy Executives in the field of Patent work (Leningrad/ Saint-Petersburg branch, 1990) and University of Robert Shuman (Strasburg, France, 1997). Holder of order of ‘Honor’ (1986) and golden medal, awarded by World International Property Organization (WIPO, 2003). Dr.Galifanov has taken active participation in development of new legal projects in respect of intellectual property laws and IP legal standards in Turkmenistan. He has founded ‘GALIFIRE’ in 1994, which he leads and where he provides intellectual property services till present. Dr.Galifanov fluently speaks Russian and languages of Turkish group. He also can communicate in English and German

Mr. Valery D. LIAKH

Patent Attorney of Turkmenistan

Mr.Valeriy Lyah has higher engineering and patent education. Mr. Lyah is an author of many inventions in the field of mechanics and water conservation. After graduation of Institute of Patent science, Mr. Lyah headed Patent departments of two science institutes (The Institute of hydro engineering and melioration, Institute of the Sun) at the same time he performed as patent engineer. He has drawn more than 500 applications (inventions) the most of which were accepted by expertise as meeting the requirement for patentability. His experience in the field of intellectual property protection (including his experience as patent expert) compromises more than 25 years. Mr. Lyah has published more than 50 academic studies in area of melioration, water conservation and bio/solar technologies, fluently speaks Russian and basic English.  

Mr. Rejep Karliyev

IP Legal analyst, Finance executive, Auditor

Mr.Rejep Karliyev has higher law education. He graduated Military Institute of Ministry of Defense, specialization ‘jurisprudence’. He also gained his MBA (Financial management) from University of Wales (UK) in 2012. Mr. Karliyev has successfully completed all ACCA (Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants) examinations and currently is a member of above mentioned world known professional body. From 2004 till 2013, Mr. Karliyev has lived and worked in the UK. During his professional carrier, he mainly has worked in finance and audit sectors, at the same time performing credit control and some legal duties for ‘GALIFIRE’. He is also a co-author of books named ‘Trademarks protectability’ (Moscow, 2014), ‘Trademarks protectability and protection’ (Moscow, 2018). Currently, Mr. Karliyev employed by ‘GALIFIRE’ as legal analyst combining this position with entity financial matters, speaks fluent Russian, English and Turkmen.

Galifanov G. Ruslan

IP Lawyer, patent attorney of Russia Federation

Mr.Ruslan Galifanov has higher law education. He graduated Russian State Institute of Intellectual property protection, specialization ‘jurisprudence’. Mr. Galifanov is an expert in information technology rights protection. He has a number of articles covering area of IP protection which published in professional magazines, also co-author of ‘Trademarks protectability and protection’ (Moscow, 2018) fluently speaks Russian and English.

Ms. Galifanova G. Renata

IP Lawyer

Ms. Renata Galifanova has higher law education and qualification in marketing. She graduated Russian State Academy of Intellectual property, Moscow State Institute of Economics, Statistics and Informatics. She also completed English language school at Cambridge University. She is also a co-author of published article in professional journal ‘Intellectual property’ (Moscow, 2012) and books named ‘Trademarks protectability’ (Moscow, 2014), ‘Trademarks protectability and protection’ (Moscow, 2018). Currently, Ms. Galifanova employed by ‘GALIFIRE’ as IP Lawyer, fluently speaks Russian and English.

Ms. Maria D. Kuzmenkova

Legal assistant

Graduated with honors from secondary school No.36. At the moment, she is also a student of the correspondence department of the Cherepovets State University (Russia), specializing in tourism management. She is fluent in Russian and Turkmen languages