Structure of documentation for trademark registration

-     Power of Attorney (legalization or notary public verification is not required)

-     Applicant’s full name and address

-     List of goods/services according to International Classification (Nice Classification)

-     Print of the trademark

-     Certified by Patent Office or Notary public the copy of the first application (if priority is claimed)

-     The charter of a collective trademark, if the application is filed for registration of the collective mark.

-     The document which gives permit or authorization to use in trademark the specific designations (the arms, flags, emblems and other official symbols)

-     The document which confirms the payment of official fees (according to the Law of Turkmenistan about trademarks; the Law came into power in 2019) shall be presented to Turkmenpatent at the time when trademark application is made.

Total time starting from filing trademark application till receiving the decision from Turkmenpatent about registration of trademark in State registrar takes from 14 till 20 months. It is possible to speed up the process of trademark registration through acceleration request and receive the granting registration decision from Turkmenpatent in a matter of 2-2,5 months from the application’s filing date, but it will be subjected to additional fee.

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