GALIFIRE  is providing services in the field of copyright protection

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GALIFIRE has been established in 1994 and specializes in rendering services in the field of protection and safekeeping of the owner’s rights in intellectual property objects. Leading experts GALIFIRE are two patent attorneys and three experts in the field of the intellectual property.

GALIFIRE has successful experience of protection of client’s interests in the appeal commission of Turkmenpatent, and also in Arbitration and Supreme courts of Turkmenistan. In particular, to the expert service of Turkmenpatent, and if necessary, objections to refusal decisions of examination board were filed to the appeal commission of Turkmenpatent at the request of applicants, including international trademark applications. In all cases were received positive decisions on registration of disputed trademarks in Turkmenistan. Also, valuable interests of clients concerning to infringement of intellectual property rights have been successfully protected in Arbitration and Supreme courts of Turkmenistan. GALIFIRE has also successful experience of interaction with customs service of Turkmenistan on protection of the rights of owners of trademarks.

GALIFIRE renders below-mentioned services:

— preparation, filing and paper-work for applications concerning issuing of limited patents, patents for inventions and industrial designs, and also registration of trademarks, service marks and names of places of an origin of the goods in Turkmenpatent;

— patent search and search of trademarks; search based on the applicant’s or trademark owner’s name.

— keeping in force patents for inventions, including the Eurasian patents and industrial designs;

— renewal of trademarks, service marks and names of places of an origin of the goods for the next term:

— preparation and registration of license agreements and assignment deeds;

— registration of change of the name and the address of trademarks owner, including changes in the name and address appearing as a result of merger and acquisition;

— filing objections against the decision of examination board regarding to national trademark registrations, trademark applications and international registrations;

— filing petition for discontinue of patent, trademarks and names of places of an origin of the goods;

— representation of clients in front of patent departments of other countries, including the countries CIS:

— rendering services in investigation of infringements and protection of the rights of intellectual property owners, including participation in legal investigation of the appeal commission of Turkmenpatent, arbitration, civil and criminal courts;

— rendering any other services concerning sphere of protection of the rights to objects of the intellectual property

GALIFIRE took active participation in development of new laws of Turkmenistan in area of intellectual property protection. Therefore it had the written gratitude from the chief of Turkmenpatent.

Our Team:

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    Dr. Gennady G. GALIFANOV

    Eurasian and Turkmenistan Patent and Trademark Attorney

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    Mr. Valery D. LIAKH

    Patent Attorney of Turkmenistan

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    Mr. Rejep Karliyev

    IP Legal analyst, Finance executive, Auditor

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    Galifanov G. Ruslan

    IP Lawyer, patent attorney of Russia Federation

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    Ms. Galifanova G. Renata

    IP Lawyer

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    Ms. Maria D. Kuzmenkova

    Legal assistant

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