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What are basic requirements to trademark registration in Turkmenistan?

What are basic requirements to trademark registration in Turkmenistan?
First of all is necessary absence of absolute and other bases for refusal in registration of trademarks. The essence of these is well-known, as legislations of many countries of the world practically equally treat them, and we won't stop on them. If these bases are absent then is necessary that the trademark carried out the assigned function, namely allow to consumers to distinguish the goods or services of one company from those of other companies. Trademark has to individualize the goods and/or services of the company. For performance by a trademark of this function is necessary to be distinctive, not deceptive and not conflictive with existing registered trademarks. The trademarks which are complied with this requirement will be registered in Turkmenistan. Also must be marked that generic terms, descriptive designations, too long advertising slogans, separate letters and figures, simple geometrical figures, etc. haven’t necessary distinctiveness and on this basis they can be refused in registration. However, you can get protection of such designations in some cases, under the certain circumstances and wide experience of patent attorney in conducting such affairs. Trademarks which in Turkmen language can have negative semantic meaning and also discordant or unpronounceable commodity designations won't be registered .
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